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Autoscan Systems Pty. Ltd. is the ONLY company in the world which supplies automated systems for Fission Track Dating (FTD).
FTD is one of several techniques in a geological discipline called theromochronology.
This discipline concerns itself with determining the AGE and TEMPERATURE HISTORY of specific rocks and minerals.
This has application in, for instance, studying the age of particular items such as the Himalaya mountains, and in oil exploration.
The technique involves counting the tracks left by the decay of naturally occurring Uranium, and measuring the length of these tracks.
This is very onerous work, and has been completely automated by our equipment, using patented processes.
NO other equipment in the world is able to carry out such work automatically.
Our equipment is equally suitable for automated and manual work, and for the processes known as EDM and La ICP-MS.
If this is relevant to your work, then we look forward to your enquiry.

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