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Autoscan Software Development Kit for Windows - Overview

Our ASDK software is a developers toolkit for people wishing to write their own software to control and operate a standard Autoscan stage.
The ASDK is used to control the Autoscan Systems EL300 2/3 axis stage controller via a communication port on a Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP platform.
A Help document provided with the ASDK describes the functions provided within the 32 Bit Windows DLL “stage32.dll”. It also describes the ActiveX dynamic link library (dll) “StageAX.dll”

Files supplied with the ASDK :

Stage32.dll    Used for live stage control. (compiled with _stdcall)
Stageax.dll    This is the ActiveX Dynamic link library which can be used for developments in ActiveX compatible products
Simstage.dll    Used to simulate a live stage. (compiled with _stdcall)
Autoscan.bin    Firmware for Stage Controller
Stage32.h    Header file for Stage32 and Simstage dll’s
Stage32.lib    Microsoft Vcc lib file for Stage32.dll
Simstage.lib    Microsoft Vcc lib file for Stage32.dll
Stage32Bc5.lib    Borland C lib file for Stage32.dll
Simstagebc5.lib    Borland C lib file for Simstage.dll
Stage.def    import def file for stage32.dll
StageSim.def    import def file for simstage.dll
basic.c        “C” example code
Stage_DLL_Demo.bas    VB example code
simstage.bmp    simulation of stage view
StageActiveXTest.exe    Visual Basic ActiveX example program
ActiveXTest.frm    Visual Basic ActiveX example code

Also included :

Example programs for C, Visual Basic and Delphi



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