Applications for Radiation Protection
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Monday, 27 August 2007 18:07

Radiation Protection (alpha particle tracks in solid detectors)

The Autoscan Radiation Protection system consists of :
Autoscan 3-axis stage system, AutoScope software and associated hardware and electronics.

Benefits of the Autoscan Radiation Protection system :

Our system automatically recognises, locates, and re-positions to the etched damage tracks created in polycarbonate (CR39 [TM]) or fused quartz detector material. This allows automated counting and measurement of the tracks, and an assessment of the level of radiation to which the detector (and thus the wearer of the badge) has been exposed. In addition, for research purposes, our equipment generates a large volume of geometric and statistical data, which it is not possible to generate by manual counting. This data allows the calculation of radiation source strength and location. The system is also useful in relation to radon studies. Radon is a radioactive gas which is generated in old rock, especially granite. It poses a human health hazard, and is usually detected with CR39 or similar detectors.

Microbeam Technology (heavy ion bombardment of single biological cells)

The Autoscan Microbeam system consists of :
Autoscan 3-axis stage system
AutoScope and Irradiate software packages and associated hardware and electronics.

Benefits of the Autoscan Microbeam system :

This system was custom-designed to facilitate cutting-edge research being developed by JAERI. The equipment assists in the selective radiation of specific locations within biological cells by the following process:

During initial examination of a sample in the laboratory, the Autoscan system (using our AutoScope program) detects, characterises and locates a wide range of biological entities for later treatment. A large volume of geometric, statistical and location data is generated by the program and stored in the computer. The sample is then transferred to another Autoscan stage system which is located under a heavy-ion beam. A second Autoscan program ("Irradiate") then retrieves the object locations, positions each cell at the exact location required for bombardment at a specific location within the cell, and then triggers the heavy ion generator at the appropriate time.



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