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Photo shows typical Deluxe Automated Counting System, based on Zeiss AxioImager Z1m microscope and AS3000i stage.
Photography by Jane.
(Some items supplied may differ in appearance because of component availability or for technical reasons.
eg. The Zeiss AxioImager 1 microscope series has now been superseded by the Zeiss AxioImager 2 series.
Also, please talk to us about the latest stage systems, cameras and software.
Image also shows our home-made anti-vibration platform [not included, but we are happy to supply plans] ).
Desperately seeking editor for OnTrack, to save it from oblivion !
Written by Michael Krochmal   
Friday, 21 March 2014 00:00

Desperately seeking editor for OnTrack, to save it from oblivion !

R.I.P. OnTrack ?

(December 1990 – November 2011) ?

by Mike Krochmal, Managing Director, Autoscan Systems Pty. Ltd.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Having been a loyal reader, sometime contributor and faithful supporter of OnTrack through the ages, I have been very disappointed to learn that this stalwart institution of the fission track dating world appears to be moribund.

There appears to have been no offer of a new editor since the expiry of Kate Dobson’s usual 2-edition tenure as Hon. Editor in 2009. Not only did Kate do an amazing job during her tenure in 2008, but amazingly, she stayed on until the latest online issue (Issue 37 - Vol 19, Issue 1 in November 2011). That’s true dedication ! But with Kate’s move from Glasgow University to Manchester, and a change of job role, she is no longer able to carry on this very worthwhile job.

The earlier, static, pdf issues went from Issue 1 to 27, and spanned the period December 1990 to June 2006. They are available for download in pdf form here :  http://www.autoscan.com.au/OnTrack/

As from Issue 28, the publication changed to an online Forum. Issues 28 to 37 are available here :  http://www.ontrackforum.org/index.php?option=com_magazine&Itemid=73

I believe that two of the functions of the OnTrack website, in particular, are very attractive and functional :

1. A number of scientific papers which were published over the years. Some of these were PhD theses. Others were more informal, but always informative and often entertaining articles.

2. A listing of current members of the FTD community around the world, with contact details. This list appears to be out of date for some members of the community.

The future of OnTrack looks somewhat grim. The options are :

  1. A brave soul from among the fission track dating community volunteers to take over the reins of editorship.
  2. There is no new editor in sight, and Autoscan simply continues to host the link for Issues 1 to 27 of OnTrack, assumes hosting of Issues 28 to 37 (or at least any documents contained in those issues), and exhorts the community members to update their contact information.
  3. The whole thing collapses into a heap, due to lack of interest.

The end result is really up to YOU ! I implore you to consider becoming involved.

Perhaps the editorship could be shared between two or more persons, in the event that it is too much for one person (although I am assured that the actual work required is quite minimal).

I also believe that this is the right place to sincerely thank Dr. Matthias Raab, Managing Director of MC4-IT. Matthias has been pouring prodigious amounts of energy into establishing and maintaining the OnTrack website.

If OnTrack indeed does meet an untimely demise, I will be extremely disappointed. On the other hand, if there are any brave souls out there, I will be thrilled.

With kind regards and a fervent hope of rescue for OnTrack,

Mike Krochmal

Autoscan serves FTD community for 35 years!
Written by Michael Krochmal   
Friday, 21 March 2014 00:00

Autoscan has now served the Fission Track Dating community for 35 years ! Our beginnings go back to 1979.

On 17 March, 1984, Autoscan Systems Pty. Ltd. was incorporated as a proprietary company in Victoria, Australia.

Newsflash ! Thank You !
Written by Michael Krochmal   
Tuesday, 29 March 2011 00:00

Newsflash ! An open letter to our users and potential users and a Big Thank You ! to the Team.

The team at Autoscan Systems Pty. Ltd. would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor A.J.W. Gleadow and his software development team at the University of Melbourne.

Newsflash ! Latest version of FT Studio available now !
Written by Michael Krochmal   
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 00:00

Latest version of Fission Track Studio
software package
now available for client download

We are very happy to announce the release of the latest version of our Fission Track Studio software
(which consists of TrackWorks and FastTracks).
This software can now be downloaded free of charge by existing users of our automated systems.

Newsflash ! Special 20% Discount !
Written by Michael Krochmal   
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 00:00

20% off list price ! Special Systems Offer !

Autoscan Systems is very happy to announce the continuation of our special offer, until further notice but at least until Thermochrono 2014, the 14th International Thermochronology Conference to be held in Chamonix Mont Blanc, 8 to 12 September 2014. This is a service by Autoscan Systems to the FTD community, in recognition of your constant support over the years.

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