Trackscan Plus Premier Automated Counting System is based on a special Zeiss AxioImager M2m microscope configuration. The performance of this system is similar to the Professional system, but with some savings in items such as the x2.5 and x5 objectives. These can be added at a later time, but will allow laboratories with severe budget limitations to access a system immediately.

The software provided, as for the other two systems, is the latest version of Fission TrackStudio, consisting of TrackWorks and FastTracks in conjunction with the highly accurate Zeiss stages and a high-resolution digital colour camera. As well as omitting the 2.5x and 5x objectives, we have downgraded the lower-power objectives from Epiplan Neofluar types to Epiplan types. The critical 100x objective remains, as for the other systems, as an Epilan Neofluar. This has allowed us to offer a system suited to lower budget labs. And the good news is that, if additional funding becomes available, the user can replace the Epiplan objectives themselves, without our intervention. while still being totally suitable for FTD.  

To complement this system, we ordinarily include a very accurate Zeiss-supplied stepper-motor stage. This stage, in conjunction with the nanometer accuracy of the focus mechanism, assures that the 3-axis spatial resolution is more than adequate for FTD purposes. As an optional extra item, a larger Piezo-motor driven stage is available.

The system also includes a single standard slide holder which is supplied by Zeiss, as well as two special-purpose slide holders supplied by Autoscan. These special slide holders incorporate a patented sample holding mechanism, and accept a variety of slide sizes.

Finally, a high-resolution and fast frame rate IDS digital colour camera and its relevant C-mount (camera mount) complete the system.